Why buy from Tuff Cubbies?
We are the leading online retailer for outdoor cubbies and dog kennels. With 10 years experience in the industry, we know timber outdoor products best. Focused on design, quality and affordability, we ensure you receive a uniquely designed quality made product at the most affordable price possible. 

What timber do we use on our products?
Canadian Spruce is used on all our outdoor products to increase its longevity and ensure you receive value for money. Your child’s safety is at our best interest therefore we provide chemical free timber that is safe and long lasting providing you follow the proper installation and maintenance steps.

What are the dimensions of the packaged products for pick up (below is the size of the largest box)?

Havana boxes 152cm D 187cm W 10cm H
Grand Havana boxes
152cm D
187cm W
10cm H
Manor boxes
152cm D
187cm W
10cm H
Malibu 5 boxes
152cm D
187cm W
10cm H
Grand Malibu 6 boxes
152cm D
187cm W
10cm H


What is the weight of the largest box?
The largest box weighs 38kg

Do you make other sized cubbies?
We don't custom make cubbies, we have 5 models to choose from with the main unit of the cubby based on the one sizing. Each model comes with optional extras to increase the overall size of your cubby.

What do I need to know for pick up?
If you are picking up we suggest you bring a flat tray back ute or a trailer 6x4 or larger without a cage and some rope or tie downs. There’s no need for help on pick up as we have forklifts to assist in loading.

Does my product come in raw timber?
Yes. Our products come flat packed in raw timber panels.

Do you offer delivery and installation? 
Yes we can offer delivery Australia wide however we currently offer installation to customers living within Sydney metro and certain NSW country areas only. Installation will be available for other states at a later time.  For a quote on delivery and/or installation please fill out the contact form with your suburb and postcode.

Do you offer painting services?
Yes we can provide you with painting services if you are living within Sydney metro and certain country areas. 

Can you dismantle and rebuild my cubby/kennel if we decide to move? 
Yes this service is available for customers from Sydney metro and certain country areas. For a quote on dismantling and rebuilding, please fill out the contact form with your suburb and postcode. 

Are there any important things I should know before starting installation?
It is necessary for the cubby or kennel to be built on a solid leveled ground e.g. concrete slab, pavers or timber decking. It is suggested for you to paint  the cubby as naturally timber will discolour over a period of time. To see examples of solid grounds and painting ideas from other customers please click here.  

Do the products come with instructions and hardware?
Our products come with all the necessary instructions and hardware to successfully install your product.

Can I layby my product?
Yes. We offer a stress free 3 month payment plan with monthly installments however layby does not apply to sale or discounted items. 

Can I use your product for commercial use e.g. schools, shops, cafes etc?
Our products can be purchased for commercial purposes however it will not be covered under warranty.

Can I move my product after installing it?
We strongly do not suggest you move the product once it is built.

Carefully plan and choose the most appropriate position for your product to be built as it should not be moved afterwards. If it is necessary to move it or if you decide to sell it, you will need to dismantle it by reversing the installation process.

Can your products be stored over time?
Yes. Our products are fine being stored over a long period of time though the boxes should be stored in a dry, covered area where no water can seep into them. Please lay the boxes flat or upright against a wall at 90 degrees. Do not let the boxes slant against a wall as this may cause timbers to bow over time which is not covered under warranty.

Are the exteriors waterproof?
Yes our cubbies and kennels are built to be placed outdoors therefore if all instructions are followed and your cubby has been assembled correctly, it is totally waterproof under normal rainy weather conditions. 

Do you have a cancellation fee on orders? 
No product is secured without a deposit placed. In the event of a cancellation, to cover storage and admin fees there will be a 20% cancellation fee.  

Do you offer warranty on your products?
Yes. We offer warranty for any manufacturing faults on our products excluding products used for commercial purposes. Our warranty will not cover wrong handling, improper installation or cubbies or kennels that are not built on solid, level ground. We don’t cover damages caused by cubbies or kennels that have been moved after they have been built. Be sure to advise us of any faults or damages within 7 days of purchase or pick up before assembling as once assembled we can not warrant the product. Any items that need to be replaced must be sent back to our main warehouse in Jamisontown, NSW at the expense of the buyer for a replacement. Postage or delivery charges are non refundable. Late claims for damages will not be accepted, if you do not get approval for the return we will not warrant the product.